The Other Side of Shadow Work eBook & Audiobook

Shadow work can be confusing, overcomplicated and even seem scary. This book will help ease your heart and mind around your shadows, while diving deep into the unknown.

The Other Side of Shadow Work Ebook will be available until the clock runs out!

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In this ebook you will learn how to free yourself by:

- Understanding what Shadow Work is

- How to approach the work

-Why we have Shadows

- Why Lightwork Focus is a Form of Escapism

- How not to get stuck in the mud of your shadow

- How do use your consciousness to integrate the work and feel more balanced

- How to love even the darkest of yourself and feel free

-How to manifest by accepting every part of who you are and why you do things

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Listen on the go with the Audio Recording of The Woo Collectives eBook: On The Other Side of Shadow Work.  Shakisha and Laureen go beyond the book and dive deeper into the conversation of Integration. 


In this audio recording, we share processes and strategies around shadow work, and how we used this work to achieve consciousness and presence in our lives. Straight from the pages of our eBook The Other Side of Shadow Work.


Hear Shakisha and Laureen read the book and dive deeper into the conversation on moving to the other side of shadow work.


There is no greater form of self-love than shadow integration. You will learn why shadow work helps you ignite your inner and outer purpose, and how to feel lighter in your everyday life.



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